Post Production

Video Editing

Our facility in downtown DC houses four multi-platform edit suites running Adobe Creative Cloud, Avid Symphony and Final Cut 7. We have two full-time editors at our DC headquarters and two under contract at the US Census Bureau. All are skilled in the Adobe Creative Suite which includes Premier editing software as well as AfterEffects, Illustrator and Photoshop for graphics work. Finally, we utilize an Avid Pro-Tools audio post-production suite and narration booth for audio mixing and voiceover recording.

Motion Graphics

The graphics team at Ventana Productions is usually the first and last stop for a post-production project. In addition to possessing great creative talent, our designers are technically proficient and often solve issues for clients that go beyond simply creating graphics. Our graphics department’s tools include Cinema 4D , Maya, Autodesk 3ds Max and Adobe Creative Cloud. Whether its lower thirds or whole worlds, we’ve got you covered.

Digital Media

Our media services team works hard to ensure that your digital assets mastering, digitizing, and compression needs are met quickly and correctly. We are experts in managing media and can guide you through the complex process of file-based delivery to broadcasters or for posting on the web. We also author legacy DVDs and Blu-Rays in-house.

There are many different media formats to juggle when you think about getting your content out to a wider audience. H.264, MPEG4, AAC, MPEG2. If this is all a meaningless soup of numbers and jargon, don’t worry…we’ve got your back! We live and breathe this stuff so you can focus on what matters to you. Let Ventana do the heavy lifting.

Closed Captioning/Section 508 Compliance

Ventana Productions makes Section 508 compliance a priority. We have been embedding closed-captions to video productions and producing audio described versions of our videos for as long as we have been in business.

We utilize an Evertz hardware encoder for both live and pre-recorded productions as well as a complement of third-party vendors who provide caption file creation services. We constantly evaluate and update our processes for captioning in order to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Similarly, audio description is often a required component of 508 compliance. A new script for the audio description must be written and the original video is artfully edited to increase its length to allow for the description to take place without stepping on any voiceover narration segments or interview soundbites.

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