Single / Multi-camera

Whether in-studio, or in the field, we provide single- or multi-camera production to suit your needs. From a single camera headshot to a four-camera panel discussion with video roll-ins and live inserts our studio crew gets it done right. We are battle tested in live television production and we treat every studio shoot as if it’s live. We leave no detail to chance. From the set, lighting, audio, camera placement and blocking to the on-screen graphics, teleprompter script and in-studio communications we plan, test and execute in the same manner as the broadcast networks.

Live Shots

Our studios are called on every day to provide live inserts into various news programming across the country and the world. We have special pricing for liveshots lasting less than 30 minutes. Our fiber connection allows us to feed our signal to any studio or broadcast facility similarly equipped in the world. Our IP streaming services extend our reach to those outside the worldwide broadcast fiber network.

Green Screen

Each of our studios are equipped with a full 270 degree wrap around greenscreen for use with keyed backgrounds and virtual sets. Our Tricaster switchers provide clean keys and the ability to change the background with a shot change, opening up a vast world of virtual sets, outside of our selection of real, constructed sets.

Corporate / Association

Corporations and associations love our studios and crew for all their video needs. We are conveniently located in the downtown business district, close to a myriad of DC based associations and corporate offices. We can go to you or you can come to us for executive interviews, customer testimonials, convention videos and more.


Are you training staff or rolling out a new product or service? Do you need to get your message out to a wider audience? Ventana’s studios are perfect for a corporate presentation or panel discussion. Or we can go remote and setup the same format program from any location of your choosing. We can distribute your program via live streaming or upload to any number of popular video hosting sites. The options are not limited. Contact us today to discuss how we can help get your message out.

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